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May 27

Go Play NW’s June Online event is only a week away! We’re so excited to see you soon on our Discord server. Here’s a few updates and reminders to get you ready for the event.

First, we’re so excited to introduce our invited facilitators program! As part of Go Play NW’s ongoing commitment to better supporting the place of marginalized players and creators in our TTRPG spaces, we have invited a few professional BIPOC GMs to share their games, work, and storytelling styles by hosting games for attendees. Moving forward, we want to commit to better supporting our BIPOC community members, and this program is one of many first steps to accomplishing that. We’re really stoked to feature these folks, and we hope you’ll show them the big Go Play NW welcoming spirit that makes our con so great.

Our first featured facilitator is Kaleb Wade, who runs the actual play podcast Creme Demented (@Creme_Demented or They just wrapped their first arc of Heroes of New Halcyon, so now is a great time to get into it. They’ll be running Hensin!: A Sentai RPG, a diceless, story-focused game about young heroes, for us. Sign up here:

Second, please check your email for your password to our website and get your registration set up there if you haven’t already. Registering for the website is essential to checking you in on the Discord event server. It will also allow you to set up games you’d like to facilitate and to sign up for games like the one above. 

Third, make sure you sign up on the website for all the games and Donut sessions* you’d like to play in! You need to sign up for events to participate in them because we use your event sign ups to assign your roles. This is true for Donut sessions, as well.

Fourth, now’s the time to schedule your games! To facilitate a scheduled game, simply log in to the website, click the Register a Game link on the sidebar, and fill out the scheduled game form. We’ll publish the game on the website and notify you when it goes up. To sign up for a game, simply press the Book Now! button at the bottom of the event page while logged in. 

Last but certainly not least, tell your friends! The more the merrier, after all. Let’s get excited about the Go Play NW community and play some fun games together online. We can’t wait to hang out with you during our kickoff event, the lobby con, next Friday June 3 from 5:30–8:30PM PDT. 

*What’s all this about Donut sessions? If you’re not familiar with the method we use to organize games spontaneously during the event, check out All about the donut.

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