Jun 22

We’ve put up two new forums for post-GPNW basking:
What We Played — Talk about what you played, and reconnect with everyone you played with. Making separate threads for each game is good, even if there’s very little in them. That way other people in the same game can come along and add their 2-cents, and folks who want to learn more about your game can jump in and ask questions.
The Good, The Bad & The Awesome — Did you have fun? This is the place for all your post-event reflections and feedback. Tell us what we did right and what we did wrong, so future events can be even better, or just come bask in the afterglow…
There’s GPNW 2010 talk all over the intersphere. We can’t keep track of it all! If you are posting elsewhere (other forums, blogs, whatever), drop a link in the forums so other Go Play Nor’westers can find it. If you wrote game summaries you can copy-paste into threads here, link to those discussions, whatever you want.

Jun 17

No more waiting, it’s game on. This is where you’re going:

You will be greeted by this charming fellow:

It’s June, but this is Seattle, and the weather-watcher mice can’t get their story straight. So, y’know, bring a warm jacket.

ping ping
Jun 16

Want to help us set up the clubhouse for feasting and gaming? We’ll be at the space early and we can use all the help we can get.
If want to help out moving tables & chairs, and generally score massive gamer karma, come by at 4 pm on Friday. If you’re in, let us know.

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Jun 15

Just a reminder that if you scheduled a game, post your list of players before 10 pm tonight.

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Jun 14

Just like life, 90% of Go Play NW is showing up.
But at least 90% of that 90% is showing up with the right attitude. Being ready to make the fun happen, not waiting for it, and not wasting your time worrying whether you will miss that really cool game.
What percentage does that leave for the other critical ingredient, “bringing a game you’re ready to run”? I may need more than 100% in my pie chart.

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Jun 07

So you’re registered for Go Play NW, and it’s less than two weeks away, and you’re thinking: what’s going to happen when I get there? What am I going to play? Who am I going to play with? The future’s mysterious, but you can do something about it.
Step one: sign up on the forums. That’s where all the game planning is taking place.
Take a look at the Scheduled Games. See something you like? Post in that thread and say you want to play. Interested in a game, but don’t see it on the schedule? Go to Brainstorming Games and see if other people want to play too (try searching by the name of the game), or just add it to the schedule yourself and see who signs up.
But the schedule doesn’t tell the whole story. There will be pickup games. Lots of pickup games. Don’t have a plan? Looking for a game? Come join the pickup mob right before each time slot. Want to encourage other people to play in pickup games? Go to the pickup GM threads and say you’re up for running something.
The single, absolute best thing you can do to prepare for Go Play NW is to have a game you know well enough to run and teach others, and be ready to throw down.
With even just one game in your arsenal, you can be a Go Play NW rockstar.

Jun 06

Go Play NW 2010 is officially sold out for the weekend.*
We’re going to have a full house this year which is amazing. But now that the roster is set, it’s all about getting on the forums, talking about games and assembling your survival kit. Go!
*We do have a very limited number of Sunday-only registrations remaining.

Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jun 05

What do you need to bring for Go Play NW 2010?
Over in the forums, Adam asked that very question, wondering what would be in a “GoPlay Survival Kit“. There were some good suggestions, key among them being pens and index cards (there’s always stuff needing to be written down) and water—though as Ping pointed out in an earlier post, the Hugo House does have a functioning water fountain, but it’s always nice to have a bottle on hand so you don’t have to leave the gaming table. (Hmm, sounds like Vegas…) If you need some advice or want to make some suggestions of your own, why not head on over to that topic?
Oh yes, and all you owlbear-lovers* will have to bring your own owlbear, because we won’t be supplying them.
*Not that kind of lover. We love them like pets. Bad-tempered pets with red-rimmed eyes of bestial madness that wouldn’t hesitate to claw/claw/bite the nearest human, but hey, that’s part of their charm (Charisma 10).

ping ping
Jun 01

Five days ago, I reported we had 20 registrations left. As of this morning, we have 5 registrations left. Five is the number of the week. For now.
Don’t miss out – especially since the Friday Night Feast closes next tuesday, June 8.
May 31

Just a quick public service announcement:
Today, May 31, is the last day to order t-shirts for pickup at GPNW 2010.

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