Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jul 05

Did you take any photos at Go Play NW 2012? We’d love to see them!
For those of you who use Flickr, we have a group for Go Play Northwest. Please join and add your photos. Also using tags like GPNW or “Go Play NW 2012” will help us find them.
Also, Adam’s already started a topic for photos in our forums. Post there to let us know where your photos are.

Tony Tony
Jul 02

What an awesome Go Play NW!
The Sasquatch was just whispering in my ear to tell everyone that there are two new forum areas you should look at: Afterglow: The Good, The Bad, & The Awesome is a place to talk about this Go Play, what you liked, what you did, and how we can make it better next year!
Also, Afterglow: What we Played is the place to talk about the games youp layed. Post in this forum with the slot and title of the game you played to talk about your game and reconnect with the people you played with.

Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jun 28

Registration opens at 5 pm on Friday!
See the full Game Slot Schedule for 2012.
The convention is being held at Seattle University’s Campion Hall, 914 East Jefferson Street, Seattle. For full travel directions, see the following link: Seattle U: Travel Information for Campion Hall Guests
And here’s a campus map to help you get around.
IMPORTANT NOTE: If the weather is nice, the FRIDAY NIGHT FEAST will be held in the main quad of the unviersity, two blocks north of the residence hall. Maps and directions will be available.
Parking is paid for all registered attendees at the Cherry Street Garage, located at 11th and E. Cherry Street on the south side of the street. You will need to pick up a pass at the event.
Check in is at the front desk of Campion Hall. You will receive your Go Play badge, meal card, parking voucher, and your room key if you’re staying on campus.
Registered attendees will receive a meal plan card, pre-paid with enough points for lunch each day you are registered. If you have an overnight room, you also get breakfast each day! Meals are in the main campus cafeteria in the Student Center.
Just a reminder:
Linens: There will be bed linens, blankets, and towels provided.
Internet Access: Wifi and Ethernet available free for guests.
Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in any Seattle U buildings.
The reason we’re all here! If you missed it, check out our posts on How Pickup Gaming works at Go Play NW and Bring your Game!
Can’t wait to see all of you tomorrow!

Tony Tony
Jun 25

Over the years, we’ve had a lot of fun at Go Play NW, and the biggest contributing factor to that success is the people who attend. As you’re getting ready for Go Play, here are a few tips to having a great con that we’ve garnered over the years:
Come ready for fun: Come to Go Play with an open mind. Be ready to try some games and share some old favorites. Don’t sweat your con planning too much. We’re a friendly crowd and we help each other have a good time.
Bring your game: It’s always a good idea to bring some games to share. If you’re a game-master, bring something to run just in case, or bring along a board game you like to play to share in a quiet gaming slot. We rely on the community to provide the gaming and more games means a better con for all.
Introduce yourself: If you’re a Go Play veteran, look around for those people who might be new to you and introduce yourself. You might be gaming across from this person during the weekend. If you’re new, don’t be afraid to come up and say Hi. Most of us don’t bite (except sometimes the Sasquatch).
Relax: Everybody has something different to offer. Not every gamer is a game master or social maestro. So relax, kick back, and have some fun.
See you on Friday!
Coming soon: Venue maps and registration details!

Tony Tony
Jun 22

Another deadline looms! Sunday is the last day you can buy tickets for Go Play NW 2012. There will be a limited number of tickets avaialble at the door.

Tony Tony
Jun 20

Hey game master! Just a little reminder that we will need your final lists of players in the Game Scheduling Forum by Monday night so we can print scheduling sheets for the con. See you in a week (ish)!

Tony Tony
Jun 15

Hey all you gamers gathering in Olympia for Fabricated Realities this weekend, have a blast and roll some dice for the rest of us!

Tony Tony
Jun 11

Pickup gaming has always been a big part of Go Play NW. If you’ve never been before, you might be wondering how that works. Here’s a quick primer.
Scheduled Pickup Gaming: At Go Play there will be a scheduling wall with games posted. Blank sheets will be available for people to post throughout the weekend. The wall will include the pre-scheduled games that are already going up in the Game Scheduling Forum. If you want to facilitate a game, this is the place to post it and get people to sign up for it.
The Donut: Before each gaming session, we’ll have a quick self-organizing session called “the donut”. The goal of the donut is to help groups of gamers get together and play. Come to the donut with an open mind and/or a game to offer!
The Lottery: Back again this year in the SAT02 slot is the game lottery, a gaming adventure not to be denied! Learn more here.
The most important thing in making Go Play work is to come with a positive attitude. Some people like to schedule most of their games ahead of the con. Some people leave their whole schedule open. A lot of people do a little of both to suit their inclination.
Edit: Here’s a great post with more details on the donut and the lottery: Ars Ludi: Lottery and Pickup Donut

Tony Tony
Jun 07

Just a friendly reminder, order them today, or order them not!

Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jun 06

Hey, here we are on the second-to-last-day to register online for on-campus housing and to order a t-shirt, and we haven’t even revealed the t-shirt design! So here’s a peek at it:
GPNW 2012 shirt design
I urge you to click the picture to see the design large—WordPress is making the thumbnail look a little fuzzy, but it’s a nice clean sharp design, as always by the estimable John Harper.
If you want to be rocking this year’s shirt, then you’d best go to our registration page and order one now!

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