Tony Tony
Jun 26

Hi All, a reminder that we have some changes in our venue this year, and some more details on the location.
Unfortunately, the Campion ballroom is not available for gaming on Saturday and Sunday this year. Instead, gaming will take place in Casey Hall, a separate building a short distance across campus from the Campion Hall dormitories. There will be copious signage and maps posted in various locations to help you navigate.
We have a variety of rooms available to us in Casey, including one large room with multiple tables, an indoor atrium with lots of room and casual seating, a few smaller rooms with 2-4 tables each, and outdoor balcony with seating, and private conference rooms that are good for large groups or groups that want quiet and privacy.
Badge pickup will still be in Campion Hall, as that’s where the Seattle U staff are located to check people in and handle parking, etc.
We think this is going to be a great set up for Go Play, but it is different for last year, and not nearly as central. Let’s all make sure we help our neighbors navigate and make this a great Go Play. We’ve got a few volunteers helping us out this year, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help at the venue!
And as always, you are free to use the casual spaces in the Campion lobby for gaming as long as the other guests aren’t disturbed, however scheduling and the Donut will be in Casey Hall.

Tony Tony
Jun 25

Sunday is Tie Day. If you like ties, or just own a really cool tie, or both, then wear a tie!

Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jun 20

Hey, just a reminder that online registration for this year closes Monday night at 11pm! We do take walk-ins as well, but because we’re split this year between Casey Hall as our gaming area and Campion Tower as our overnight accommodations, and because of the layout of Casey Hall, it’ll be much easier for you and us if you can register in advance.
Also, the game scheduling forum is still open, but we will also close game scheduling on Monday night. GMs, once your game is full or scheduling is closed, you should go into your post and give us a definitive list of attendees so we can make signs for the con—we’ll need that list by Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, don’t be scared, schedule some more games! But also don’t worry if you’re not into the whole pre-scheduling thing, we have the usual ad hoc scheduling and the donuts for helping you organize pickup gaming on the spot.
Man, it’s so close! Go Play NW 2014 starts in seven days!

Tony Tony
Jun 16

Just a couple of week left! We have some news and a partial venue change for this year’s Go Play.
Unfortunately, because of a scheduling conflict, the ballroom at Campion Hall will not be available Saturday and Sunday. So gaming and scheduling will take place in Casey Hall, a short distance across campus from the ballroom. We’ll have several rooms and a large atrium space there for gaming. Sorry for the changes, it really is beyond our control. The new space offers several private rooms for gaming and should be quieter than the ballroom.
We will still have the ballroom for Friday night gaming and for the feast, should the weather force us indoors.

Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jun 04

As we already noted, registration to stay on-campus during Go Play NW 2014 will be closing this Thursday, June 5. Shirt orders will also close this Thursday, so we have time to get them printed up. Remember that we don’t ship shirts, you must attend to pick up your shirt. And remember, everyone loves a sexy John Harper-designed GPNW shirt!

Tony Tony
Jun 02

Hi Everybody, with less than a month to go, game scheduling is now open!
As always Go Play NW will have a mix of pre-scheduled games, on-site scheduling, and pickup gaming. This mix is part of what makes Go Play work. BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the first post of the thread. Also, be sure to visit the brainstorming forums and chime in. This is the best way to get discussion going about the games you’d like to play and run.
Go Play NW 2014 schedule:
5pm: doors open
6-8 pm: Friday Night Feast.
8pm-Midnight: FRI01 gaming slot (4 hours)
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SAT01 gaming slot (3 hours)
Noon-1pm: Lunch
1-5pm: SAT02 gaming slot (4 hours)
5-8pm: Dinner
8pm-Midnight: SAT03 gaming slot (4 hours)
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SUN01 gaming slot (3 hours)
Noon-1pm: lunch
1-4pm: SUN02 gaming slot (3 hours)
4-4:30pm: break
4:30-8:30pm: SUN03 gaming slot (4 hours)

Tony Tony
May 29

Important news, especially if you’re still sitting on the fence about Go Play NW. The deadline for request an overnight stay in the dorms is Thursday, June 5th! So if you’re thinking of getting a room on campus, book now.

Tony Tony
May 05

Go Play is less than two months away. This is a good time to visit the forums and start talking about the games you want to run and play and the friends you want to see. Right now the Anticipation forum and the Brainstorming forum are open. About a month from Go Play we’ll open up the Scheduling forum. That’s where facilitators can offer games in particular slots, and people can sign up to play. See you at Go Play!

Tony Tony
Apr 01

Every year we have some new people join our community, and even old hands sometimes have questions.
Our focus at Go Play NW is getting together to make friends and play games. Our con is designed to mix opportunities for pre-scheduled games and pick-up games. Scheduled gaming is organized through our forums. Once the gaming schedule is posted, we’ll open up scheduling forums where GMs and facilitators can offer games for people to discuss and sign up.
Pick-up play is organized in two ways. First, there will be a table where facilitators can post games at any time during the con. Participants can then sign up to joint he games. There will also be a short pre-slot pickup session before each gaming block for people who haven’t signed up for anything in that slot.
We have a high percentage of indie developers and DIY-ers, but also many traditional gamers, which means there’s always a wide variety of interesting stuff to try out.

Mar 17

That’s right, as promised, registration for Go Play NW 2014 is open today! Visit the Go Play NW 2014 Eventbee page to buy your tickets.
As already mentioned, we’re back at Seattle University, with gaming space in the Casey Building, and overnight accommodations in Campion Hall Tower. All registrations include lunch in the student center’s Cherry Street Market; overnight stays on campus also include breakfast in the Market. We’ll also be doing our traditional Friday Night Feast.
This year we’ve added an official option for staying overnight on Sunday, for those of you who find it easier to travel on Monday. Note that checkout time on Monday is 10 AM.
We’ve also added an option for women’s cut t-shirts; just specify your cut along with the size when ordering.
Registration for on-campus stays will close at the end of Thursday, June 5, while online registration for commuters will close at the end of Monday, June 23. We do urge people to register early, not only because it helps us make our advance deposits to Seattle University, but also because it helps us gauge whether we’re reaching capacity for the event—and it helps you be sure you can get in!
Feel free to contact us with questions or comments at info at goplaynw dot org, or on Twitter at @GoPlayNW.
We’re excited to see you all on June 27!

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