Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jun 05

What do you need to bring for Go Play NW 2010?
Over in the forums, Adam asked that very question, wondering what would be in a “GoPlay Survival Kit“. There were some good suggestions, key among them being pens and index cards (there’s always stuff needing to be written down) and water—though as Ping pointed out in an earlier post, the Hugo House does have a functioning water fountain, but it’s always nice to have a bottle on hand so you don’t have to leave the gaming table. (Hmm, sounds like Vegas…) If you need some advice or want to make some suggestions of your own, why not head on over to that topic?
Oh yes, and all you owlbear-lovers* will have to bring your own owlbear, because we won’t be supplying them.
*Not that kind of lover. We love them like pets. Bad-tempered pets with red-rimmed eyes of bestial madness that wouldn’t hesitate to claw/claw/bite the nearest human, but hey, that’s part of their charm (Charisma 10).

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Mar 02

In addition to being an awesome gaming space, there’s another nice thing about our new venue which I’m sure everyone who helped with setup last year will be glad to hear: no table & chair load-in.
That’s right, no hauling splinter-spraying disks of rough hewn lumber up endless flights of stairs in the middle of summer. No fire brigades wrestling with racks and racks and racks of chairs under the cruel lash of Pharaoh.
Richard Hugo House has most of the rooms already set up. They’ve got extra tables and chairs that we’ll bring out as needed, so there will be some setup, but it will be a veritable cakewalk compared to last year.
Oh, and to my brothers & sisters from Table & Chair Deathmarch 2009: much love. Pour some liquor. Peace.