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May 26

We only have 20 registrations left for GPNW 2010. Get yours here.
As we posted earlier, we’re well past 2009’s attendance that for those of you keeping track was 75. Hugo House is bigger than Freehold (just look at the pictures), so there is room for more attendees than last year, but registrations are going fast. As with every year, the rate of registration increases the closer we get to the event. At this point, it’s on track to sell out.
Just about everyone has signed up for dinner which is pretty exciting. I know it’s the lure of game-inspired desserts.

4 responses to “20 Tix Left and Going Fast”

  1. ben robbins says:

    And then there were 12

  2. Jim Chokey says:

    Hey… I’m not going to be able to make it, it turns out. Is it possible for me to return my ticket so that someone else can use it?

  3. ping says:

    Sorry to hear you can’t make it. We’d be happy to refund your registration, and I’ve contact you by email already.

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