Seattle University maintains an accessibility services web site with information about accessibility of campus facilities and services:

Event Spaces

Most Go Play NW gaming takes place in the Campion Hall main lobby and ball room. The building is wheelchair accessible. There is a significant slope from the nearest parking garage to the main entrance of Campion Hall. Gaming tables in Campion Hall are wheelchair accessible with generous space between the tables. The room can be loud during the busiest gaming times.
There are sometimes additional play spaces available in the dormitory building. These spaces are only accessible by elevator, which requires a key card.


Some meals are provided in your Go Play NW ticket price. Meals are served in the campus cafeteria, 1-2 blocks from Campion Hall. Access to the cafeteria from the Campion Hall side is by sky bridge (requiring two elevator rides), or by crossing James Way at the crossing light and using one elevator.


All volunteers and staff are tasked with providing assistance with people who have accessibility needs. If a volunteer cannot assist you, they are empowered to escalate your request to Go Play NW organizers and/or Seattle University staff as appropriate.

Quiet Spaces

Our usual quiet spaces in the basement are not available this year (2019). The Campion Hall Lobby is available for quiet gaming, but be aware that the building hosts other guests and groups who may come and go during the day. There are lounge-style rooms on all dormitory floors, however access to these spaces requires an elevator card key. Card keys are provided to overnight guests.
We strive to make Go Play NW an accessible event and to improve accessibility over time. If you have additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at