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Jun 16

Want to help us set up the clubhouse for feasting and gaming? We’ll be at the space early and we can use all the help we can get.
If want to help out moving tables & chairs, and generally score massive gamer karma, come by at 4 pm on Friday. If you’re in, let us know.

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Jun 01

Five days ago, I reported we had 20 registrations left. As of this morning, we have 5 registrations left. Five is the number of the week. For now.
Don’t miss out – especially since the Friday Night Feast closes next tuesday, June 8.
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May 30

Some important upcoming dates for registration and refunds:

  • May 31: Last day to order or refund t-shirts
  • June 8: Last day to sign-up for or refund the Friday Night Feast
  • June 15: Last day to register online (walk-ins allowed if there are still remaining tickets which is looking less and less likely)

We’re sorry, but we can’t refund t-shirts or the Friday Night Feast after their respective cut-off dates because we’re placing the orders with the vendors immediately.

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May 26

We only have 20 registrations left for GPNW 2010. Get yours here.
As we posted earlier, we’re well past 2009’s attendance that for those of you keeping track was 75. Hugo House is bigger than Freehold (just look at the pictures), so there is room for more attendees than last year, but registrations are going fast. As with every year, the rate of registration increases the closer we get to the event. At this point, it’s on track to sell out.
Just about everyone has signed up for dinner which is pretty exciting. I know it’s the lure of game-inspired desserts.

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May 14

We’ve extended the closing date of our room block at the Silver Cloud Hotel. You now have until May 24 to book rooms at our discounted event rate.

Silver Cloud Hotel – Broadway
1100 Broadway Avenue
Standard Single King: $159.00
Standard Double Queen: $159.00
Call Reservations (800.590.1801) or use the online reservation system with our Group ID:
Password: GOPLAYNW

See Getting There & Lodging for more information and other lodging options.

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May 10

Archives are cool, and we have a lot of archives. It’s just plain fun to peruse the pictures and all the games that people played. I didn’t know John ran a version of Danger Patrol in 2007. I didn’t know Chris Bennett has podcasted about every GPNW.
But by no means are the archives complete. There’s got to be more out there, especially all the pick-up games. We purposely put the archives in the forums so everyone can add whatever they want. I’m already enjoying the cascading effect: Johnzo remembered a missing In a Wicked Age game from GPNW 2008 which in turn jogged my memory of another missing IAWA game from the same year.

Go Play NW 2009 Poster

I don’t need the archives all the time, but when I want them, I’m glad we have them. Especially right now only a few weeks before the next GPNW, it’s a way to look back at the old games and old GPNWs in between thinking about the games and fun for the next one.
Oh, and in the course of writing this post (I kid you not), I found some pictures of the GPNW 2007 Danger Patrol game. How’s that for kismet?

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May 05

The Go Play NW 2010 t-shirt is here! John decided to pay homage to the ol’ Sasquatch for our fourth year, and just check out the results.
Register and get your very own. If you’re already coming, it’s not too late to add t-shirts to your registration (order by May 24).
For everyone who can’t make it or who wants alternate apparel, we’ll have a link soon to the online shirt store.

Go Play NW 2010 T-Shirt

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Apr 21

My little heart is leaping with joy that Hugo House has a water fountain. Huh? Shouldn’t I be more excited by the gaming spaces?
Oh yeah… gaming spaces… sure… but…
<she flashes back to 2009>
Filling the water jugs at 7:30am for the daily drive-by assault to chuck them at the theatre from my double-parked car. Vigilantly monitoring water levels all day with a steely Fremen eye.
Oh no, sir. Not this year. We have terraformed this desert planet.

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Apr 08

There’s enough territory at the Hugo House that we actually need a map. Not that we think anyone’s going to get lost, but we figure it’s just good to know where you’re going.
It’s still a work in progress, but here’s a sneak peek of what Map-Meister Tony (yes, that is his real title) has whipped up:

GPNW 2010 Map Preview

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Feb 16

Hey, check out the pictures of the new venue with all the cool gaming spaces!
We took these pictures during our first scouting mission last July on what turned out to be the hottest day on record in Seattle. No kidding. 103°. I don’t know about the other guys, but I was positively dying on the vine! Even through the haze it was clear right away the space was a total winner.

The Team in the Caberet