Tony Tony
Jun 28

Hey folks,
We are well on our way to the biggest Go Play NW ever! The Go Play NW family has been steadily growing year by year. We’re very excited to be preparing for our biggest event ever.
Excited and a little scared!
It’s you, our community, who make Go Play NW great. That’s why we’re asking for some ambassadors to help make sure this Go Play is a success. Here’s what you can do to help:
Bring something to a donut.
Pick a slot and commit to offering a pick-up game. We’re always hungry for more facilitators in the donut.
Offer a game on the forums.
Forum activity has been a bit slow, so consider posting a game for players on the forum.
Meet people.
This year there will be more new people than ever before, so if you see someone new, introduce yourself.
Send us your feedback and suggestions.
Keep us in the loop. Tell the Go Play staff what works and what doesn’t. Ask questions. You can reach us at
Being a Go Play ambassador isn’t an official thing. Rather it’s a way of describing the good things we do when we get together to game. So join us in creating a fun community environment at Go Play NW 2017.

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