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Jun 07

So you’re registered for Go Play NW, and it’s less than two weeks away, and you’re thinking: what’s going to happen when I get there? What am I going to play? Who am I going to play with? The future’s mysterious, but you can do something about it.
Step one: sign up on the forums. That’s where all the game planning is taking place.
Take a look at the Scheduled Games. See something you like? Post in that thread and say you want to play. Interested in a game, but don’t see it on the schedule? Go to Brainstorming Games and see if other people want to play too (try searching by the name of the game), or just add it to the schedule yourself and see who signs up.
But the schedule doesn’t tell the whole story. There will be pickup games. Lots of pickup games. Don’t have a plan? Looking for a game? Come join the pickup mob right before each time slot. Want to encourage other people to play in pickup games? Go to the pickup GM threads and say you’re up for running something.
The single, absolute best thing you can do to prepare for Go Play NW is to have a game you know well enough to run and teach others, and be ready to throw down.
With even just one game in your arsenal, you can be a Go Play NW rockstar.

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