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Jun 11

Pickup gaming has always been a big part of Go Play NW. If you’ve never been before, you might be wondering how that works. Here’s a quick primer.
Scheduled Pickup Gaming: At Go Play there will be a scheduling wall with games posted. Blank sheets will be available for people to post throughout the weekend. The wall will include the pre-scheduled games that are already going up in the Game Scheduling Forum. If you want to facilitate a game, this is the place to post it and get people to sign up for it.
The Donut: Before each gaming session, we’ll have a quick self-organizing session called “the donut”. The goal of the donut is to help groups of gamers get together and play. Come to the donut with an open mind and/or a game to offer!
The Lottery: Back again this year in the SAT02 slot is the game lottery, a gaming adventure not to be denied! Learn more here.
The most important thing in making Go Play work is to come with a positive attitude. Some people like to schedule most of their games ahead of the con. Some people leave their whole schedule open. A lot of people do a little of both to suit their inclination.
Edit: Here’s a great post with more details on the donut and the lottery: Ars Ludi: Lottery and Pickup Donut

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  1. ben robbins says:

    For the curious, here’s a bunch of detailed information about the method and the madness: ars ludi » Lottery & The Pickup Donut

  2. TonyD says:

    Good idea! I’ll move that link up to the main post.

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