W. Quinellipe Zorn W. Quinellipe Zorn
Jul 28

Date(s) - July 28, 2024
9:00 am - 11:00 am

A light-hearted game of life or extinction!

The Great Species have all been using humans as pawns in their own game of survival and, maybe, domination. But between each other’s machinations and random events (especially those spawned by those pesky but useful humans, from the singularity to catastrophic war), it’s a dangerous path.

Players each represent either the Octoplex (Octopus), the Great Goose Continuum, the Dolphin Order, the Corvidae Complex, The Hive (Ants), the OmniMischief (Rats), or The Primeval Den (Raccoons), choosing among domination, altruism, selective alliances, and/or exploitation as strategies. (I’ll show up as well with the first intended expansion kit with those other two Great Species – the Feline Autonomy and the Canine Authority – most directly managing us humans.)

We’ll play the shorter-form lightning learning version of the game where there’s no negotiations or diplomacy, and, if the group wishes, one more of those, or the longer form game where you may engage in secretive and/or open negotiations with the other Species’ players. (In all cases so far we have played at least two games in less than the time allotted.)

Please note this is a game in development, this is a test run, albeit results so far indicate it is in near-final form.

  • W. Quinellipe Zorn

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