W. Quinellipe Zorn W. Quinellipe Zorn
Jul 27

Date(s) - July 27, 2024
1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

(as from the book)
“A million years from now, humanity has spread throughout the galaxy and taken countless forms. Vast empires have come and gone like waves against an unimaginable shore.

But some strange voyagers choose to remain outside the churn of civilizations, pursuing a greater purpose. When a new force comes to the galaxy, will these eternal wanderers remain who they are – or, at long last, change?

Archives of the Sky is a diceless, GM-less roleplaying game about telling very human stories against an epic backdrop.”

(now Quin’s own comments)
I love this game and the way it challenges players to engage in questions of meaning and morality! If 4 people show up, I will focus solely on facilitation, though if 2 or 3 show up I will also play with you as well as facilitate the session.

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