W. Quinellipe Zorn W. Quinellipe Zorn
Jul 26

Date(s) - July 26, 2024
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

The game Breakdown features highly-stressed protagonists (“Pros,” as we call these characters) trying to do some fundamental good amid a tide of inhumanity. Their emotional drive makes them powerful and vulnerable; the harder they push, the more they risk breaking down.

The Breaking Point setting is focused on civil servants in a big city. The stresses are personal and psychological. The setting is immediately recognizable to anyone who has seen or read character-driven legal, medical, firefighter, or other emergency and civil service worker dramas, including fictions such as Rescue Me, ER, House and 9-1-1.

**IF EVERYONE WOULD LIKE TO…we can play super-powered people, character-first, a bit Love and Rockets or Concrete style…we have time to decide together**

  • W. Quinellipe Zorn

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