Lyla McBeath Fujiwara Lyla McBeath Fujiwara
Oct 28

Date(s) - October 28, 2023
9:30 am - 1:30 pm

Candela Obscura is a new, episodic horror TTRPG from Darrington Press (the folks behind Critical Role). The players are a group of paranormal investigators working for the mysterious Candela Obscura, an organization that protects a world similar to our own from dangerous magicks and the occult. The game uses a d6 dice system that emphasizes investigative and social interactions, with brief, deadly bouts of horror-centric combat. The vibes are late-victorian, turn of the century, art deco, occult, and mystery. Horrors, real and metaphorical, are present but hidden from polite society.

This is an early version of the game and the provided playtest scenario, Dressed to Kill. The rules will be explained at the table and pre-gen characters will be provided.

Content warnings: This is a horror game and the characters are brittle. They will experience trauma (physical, mental, spiritual) and the adventure includes body horror. We will be using the X-card and Lines and Veils.

About the Facilitator: Lyla McBeath Fujiwara (she/her) is a game designer and project lead on Jukebox: The Karaoke Musical TTRPG. This karaoke-based, GM-less rules-lite, drama-driven role-playing game pays homage to musicals of the stage and screen, and is coming soon to Kickstarter. She’s also writing and producing Lead Your First Collaborative TTRPG Project, a course with the Storytelling Collective about managing and leading collaborative projects.

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