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Jul 28

Date(s) - July 28, 2024
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Dive into the abyss of Lovecraft Country: Tidal Secrets, where ancient tales meld with the ocean”s roar, guiding the curious and ensnaring the unwary.

• Setting – Lovecraft Country: Venture through a land haunted by its own myths. Here, every wind whispers an old tale, every creak could be a beckoning from the deep.

• Setting – Innsmouth: Etched by time and tides, this quaint seafaring village echoes with the breath of the sea. Tradition seeps through its winding cobblestone streets, aged houses, and salt-encrusted boats, crafting a rhythm of life as enduring as the sea”s tides.

• Theme – Family of Origin : Dive deep into the heart of relationships, where every shared memory might be a treasure and every secret, a potential tempest.

• Genre Beats – Generations: Embark on an odyssey through time, witnessing the rise and ebb of a family’s legacy. But be wary, for every era brings its own trials.

• Faction – Kin of the Deep: Engage with the veiled guardians of the abyss. Some seek to preserve age-old rituals, some long for transformation, while others guard their secrets with a fierce determination.

Tableau offers cinematic storytelling, and is ideal for 3-4 players in 3-4 hours, with no prep or GM required. Composable rules offer versatile gameplay. Explore the opportunities for collaborative storytelling and thrilling cinematic adventures possible with Tableau Games System.

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