Apr 26

The Go Play NW forums are up! Brainstorm games, share cool places to eat, or just weep about how long you have to wait until the fun starts.
There’s a separate forum RSS feed, plus you can see the latest posts on the right hand side of this page. See, there they are!
We’ve also made forums for all the previous years to archive all the fond memories. If you have old discussions from other forums, blog posts, pictures, etc., make a thread, put up a link and share the love.
Why So Yellow?
Anyone can join the forums, but we configured it so that posts by users registered for GPNW 2010 look different from those who aren’t. That way you’ll know if the person you’re talking to is even committed to coming.
When you sign up for the forums, we’ll check to see if you’re registered. If you use the same email to sign up on the forums as you did when you registered for the event, we’ll be able to match you up. If we miss you, drop us a line and we’ll tag you proper.

2 responses to “Forums & Game Scheduling are go!”

  1. ben robbins says:

    Updated the RSS link to a better version of the feed:
    Scratch that, got the original one working. That new link will show you new topics, but not new posts in existing topics.

  2. ben robbins says:

    A nice forum tip: if you click on forum that contains other forums (like GPNW 2010 or Thrilling Tales of Yesterday) you’ll see a list of all the latest active topics across all the sub-forums. For example:

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