Tony Tony
Jun 02

Hi Everybody, with less than a month to go, game scheduling is now open!
As always Go Play NW will have a mix of pre-scheduled games, on-site scheduling, and pickup gaming. This mix is part of what makes Go Play work. BE SURE TO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS in the first post of the thread. Also, be sure to visit the brainstorming forums and chime in. This is the best way to get discussion going about the games you’d like to play and run.
Go Play NW 2014 schedule:
5pm: doors open
6-8 pm: Friday Night Feast.
8pm-Midnight: FRI01 gaming slot (4 hours)
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SAT01 gaming slot (3 hours)
Noon-1pm: Lunch
1-5pm: SAT02 gaming slot (4 hours)
5-8pm: Dinner
8pm-Midnight: SAT03 gaming slot (4 hours)
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SUN01 gaming slot (3 hours)
Noon-1pm: lunch
1-4pm: SUN02 gaming slot (3 hours)
4-4:30pm: break
4:30-8:30pm: SUN03 gaming slot (4 hours)

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