Tony Tony
Apr 05

Go Play NW planning is trucking along! Here’s a look at the slot schedule for 2012:
UPDATE: Oops! Had to change a couple of times as my notes were incorrect!
5pm: doors open
6-8 pm: Friday Night Feast.
8pm-12am: FRI01 gaming slot
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SAT01 gaming slot
Noon-1pm: Lunch
1-5pm: SAT02 gaming slot
5-8pm: Dinner
8pm-Midnight: SAT 03 gaming slot
8:30am: doors open
9am-Noon: SUN01 gaming slot
Noon-1pm: lunch
1-4pm: SUN02 gaming slot
4-4:30pm: break
4:30-8:30pm: SUN03 gaming slot
See you in June!

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