Mar 08

Are you in Brisbane (or heck, anywhere in Australia and open to road trips)? Make a note that Go Play Brisbane is coming up on March 20.
With a name like Go Play Brisbane, what’s not to like? Then again, if we’re Go Play in the far northwest corner of the globe (assuming you believe in that whole dateline thing), and they’re in the far southeast corner, does that make them our mirror universe evil twin or something? Or are we the evil twin? All I know is that someone is secretly left-handed and sporting a goatee…

One response to “Go Play Brisbane”

  1. Philip says:

    Fun facts! The actual antipodal spot to Seattle is an empty stretch of the southern Indian Ocean—or is it the northern Antarctic Ocean?—somewhere between the Kerguelen Islands and the Crozet Islands. The Kerguelen Islands in fact are antipodal to the area around the meeting of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Montana; that seems to be the nearest correlation between dry land. Looks like the nearest land of any consequence would be South Africa, or maybe Madagascar, though that’s roughly equivalent to traveling halfway to Hawaii.
    In contrast, the antipodal spot to Brisbane is in the North Atlantic, closer to the Canary Islands than anything else. Interestingly, the antipodal spot to Perth, on the southwestern corner of Australia, is pretty close to Bermuda.
    So, in short: our evil twins are goatee-sporting mermen of the sunken continent of Lemuria (aka the Kerguelen Plateau!!!).

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