Feb 09

They said it couldn’t be done.
They said 2009 could not be topped, that we should quit while we were ahead and open up a donut shop. After stuffing ourselves with donuts (power of suggestion), we huddled and decided: screw that, we’re going to tempt fate, defy the odds, damn the torpedoes…
That’s right: Go Play NW 2010 is coming.
See that date at the top of the page? June 18-20. That’s when the fun is. Save that date. See all that stuff over on the left? That’s everything you want to know about Go Play NW 2010. Where it’s at, how to register, the works.
We’ve got an awesome new space. Yes, last year’s venue was excellent. This one is even better. Impossible, you say? The hell, we say.
We’ve got 26 solid hours of gaming scheduled. Does that much gaming packed into one weekend violate both State and Federal health regulations? Could it actually cause you serious bodily harm? Maybe. We’re not lawyers, and we don’t care! We want to game!
What’s missing? Just one thing: you. And you can fix that right now. Because it really won’t be the same without you, especially not for you.

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