May 24

When the prototype for this year’s t-shirt arrived from designer extraordinare John Harper, the Sasquatch took one look at it and howled “RrroooAUGHrrraughrooogrUH!”, before snatching it out of the delivery gnome’s hands and bounding off. In the excitement we at first mistakenly translated his cry as “Death to the Servants of the Spider God!”, and so we went off looking in the usual places to no avail. Eventually we figured out he’d actually said “Hot damn! Dressed in that cool shirt with its totally sweet design, I’m sure to attract a mate!” With the correct lead, we finally caught up with him in the deep forests around Lake Okanagan, and persuaded him to come back to the office because mating season isn’t until September anyhow. So without further ado, we can proudly present the design for the 2011 Go Play NW t-shirt:

2011 Go Play NW T-Shirt Design

Pretty sweet indeed, huh? The Sasquatch knows his stuff. Now here’s the important bit: to ensure delivery for Go Play NW 2011, t-shirt orders must be placed by June 13. That’s only three weeks away! So now’s the time to order one. Oh and while you’re at it, the t-shirts will only be available for pick up at Go Play NW 2011, so you should also register to attend. (Note that if you’ve already registered but did not order a t-shirt, you can still go back to the registration page and order one now.)

One response to “Go Play NW 2011 T-Shirt!”

  1. Wilhelm says:

    If it comes up later, the servants of the Spider God are totally hanging out in my basement…

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