Tony Tony
Mar 04

Go Play NW 2013 tickets are now on sale! Visit the Go Play NW 2013 Registration Page now to buy your tickets.
We’re back at Seattle University this year. Like last year, on-site overnight accommodations are avaialable in the Seattle University dorms. It’s a really good deal for both out-of-towners and locals as well. Check out the ticketing page for details.
Second, as part of our deal with the University, lunch in Seattle University’s Cherry Street Market cafe is included in the price of admission for all attendees. If you’re renting a room on campus for the con, you’ll also get breakfast at the cafe.
Finally, as with previous years, there will be a Friday night feast in the main hall.
I urge everyone who’s coming to buy your tickets early. Even though we’re not having an early registration deadline this year, paying early helps us pay our bills and deposits in advance of the event!
Feel free to contact us with questions or comments at info at

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