Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jul 16

Hey, just want to remind you that we’d love to see your photos from this year’s Go Play NW (or even from past years if you’ve got some).
If you’re on Flickr, we have a Flickr group for Go Play NW! Please add your photos to this group:
And if you could tag them something like “Go Play NW 2011” (or “GPNW2011”, “goplaynw2011”), everyone can find them on a search and distinguish from previous years. That’d be nice, but it’s not necessary to do that in order to add your photos to the group.
If you’re on Facebook, you can add a link to your photos on the official Go Play NW Page.
And wherever you’re posting your photos (maybe on that newfangled Google+), we’d really love for you to tell us by posting in the Photos topic in the Afterglow: The Good, The Bad & The Awesome forum right here on our site.
Thanks much! Looking forward to seeing them!

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