Jul 11

I’m just going to flat-out steal Ben’s post from last year, because it works. But updating the links, of course. We’ve put up two new forums for post-GPNW basking:
Afterglow: What We Played—Talk about what you played, and reconnect with everyone you played with. Making separate threads for each game is good, even if there’s very little in them. That way other people in the same game can come along and add their two cents, and folks who want to learn more about your game can jump in and ask questions.
Afterglow: The Good, The Bad & The Awesome—Did you have fun? This is the place for all your post-event reflections and feedback. Tell us what we did right and what we did wrong, so future events can be even better, or just come bask in the afterglow…
There’s Go Play NW 2011 talk all over the intersphere. We can’t keep track of it all! If you are posting elsewhere (other forums, blogs, whatever), drop a link in the forums so other Go Play Nor’westers can find it. If you wrote game summaries, you can copy-paste into threads here, link to those discussions, whatever you want. Oh, and post links to your photos too, so everyone can see.

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