Tony Tony
Apr 09

Hi everyone, Go Play NW 2013 is practically around the corner. It’s time to start talking about who’s coming, what we’re excited about playing, what we might want to facilitate. Also, it’s a great time to pre-register. We have deposits that must be paid well before Go Play, so registering early really helps us out. We’re going to wait until a bit closer to Go Play to open up the “official” scheduling forum so people have time to talk and think before they commit to something.
Old hands will be happy to know that we are back at Seattle University for the second year in a row! This gives us a chance to build on our success last year and think of ways to improve this year.
If you’re new to Go Play NW 2013, here’s a short primer: GPNW is an independent-minded gaming convention held this year June 29-30 in Seattle. Our focus is on getting together to make friends and play games. We have a strong mix of pre-scheduled games (organized through the forums) and pick-up games (organized in a pre-slot pickup session before each gaming block). We’ve always got a high percentage of game designers and DIY-ers, so there are always lots of interesting games to check out.

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