Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
May 24

We’ve been pretty low-key so far this year, but Go Play NW 2013 starts five weeks from today, on Friday June 28, and that means it’s time to crank it up. First up: much to the Sasquatch’s excitement (as always), John’s delivered this year’s t-shirt design. Check it out:
Go Play NW 2013 t-shirt sample
If you haven’t registered yet and want a t-shirt, now’s the time: we must close t-shirt orders on Thursday, June 6, to ensure delivery for the event. Register now!
If you have already registered, you can still order one or more t-shirts from the registration site.
Just remember, you have to be at the con to get your shirtWe do not ship them. At all.
Oh, and one more thing: if you’re on Google+, you might have noticed that we gave a sneak preview of the t-shirt design yesterday, just because we were so excited to start letting people know. And that reminded us that we didn’t yet have a community on Google+, so we made one: Go Play NW on Google+. We’re also on Facebook and Twitter, but this site remains our home, so check back here for more updates soon!

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