Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Mar 13

Okay, we’re way overdue for an update, so first the important points:

  • Go Play NW 2014, as previously announced, is happening Friday June 27 to Sunday June 29 at Seattle University.
  • Registration opens real soon now—probably this coming Monday, March 17.
  • We’ll have new spaces for gaming this year, but will not have the ballroom of Campion Tower.
  • We will still have overnight rooms available for the weekend in Campion Tower.
  • Prices should be staying about the same as last year; we’re finalizing the details now.
  • We may have to cap attendance this year due to the change in event space, so registering early is to your advantage.

Here’s what’s been happening.
At the end of January, Seattle University surprised us with the news that due to a scheduling conflict, the ballroom of Campion Tower would not be available to us on the weekend they had already confirmed as our dates for this year—nor was it available on the previous June weekend or the next few weekends in July. However, the university’s Casey Building, with its assortment of conference rooms, was available for our use, and after checking out the spaces, we agreed the best plan was to proceed with our announced weekend and use the Casey rooms.
The Casey rooms include a large commons room as our main gaming space for multiple groups, a couple mid-size conference rooms that can hold a few groups apiece, three boardroom-style meeting rooms that will seat up to 10 people around a single large table, and an atrium for casual seating in comfy chairs (like the lobby of Campion Tower). We’re confident that the spacing of the rooms and variety of options will provide as great an experience as we’ve had in the past couple years at Seattle University.
As mentioned, we’re still working on finalizing some details, but we’ll be opening registration as soon as possible. We’re all really excited for this year’s event and looking forward to seeing everyone this June!

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