Tony Tony
May 16

Last year we tried a new game sign-up strategy for Go Play NW, one that ended up working pretty well indeed! So this year we’re going to follow a similar style.
Pick-up games and freeform scheduling have always been a part of Go Play NW and that’s not changing this year. In the past, as many as half the games going on at the Con were organized at the event, or announced only a short time beforehand. We like that kind of flexibility, and we’re keeping it alive.
That said,  sometimes you want to organize things ahead of time, find players who want to commit, or just know what game you’re playing at a particular time. We’re providing a space to do this as well.
So here’s the plan:
First of all, we invite everyone to head over to the brainstorming forum and start talking about the games they want to run and play. The discussion has already started with more coming every day.
Second, in the days to come, we’ll open up a forum space where people who want to run or facilitate games can pick a slot and announce their game for people to respond, ask questions, or say they want to play.
We’ll also have plenty of room for pickup gaming and organizing games at the con as the spirit takes you. We’ll post more about this too as we closer to the event.

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