Tony Tony
Jul 03

I am very excited to introduce our new volunteer coordinator, Ben Robbins! Ben is the designer of fine games such as Microscope, Kingdom, and Follow. He has also been organizing and facilitating Story Gamer meetups in the Seattle area for years. Go Play NW owes a significant portion of its success to Ben’s efforts in expanding the community and welcoming new members. So welcome, Ben!
In the past, the volunteer coordinator hasn’t really been involved in the organizing of Go Play NW. By bringing on a coordinator earlier in the process, we’re hoping to make things run more smoothly for everyone. Please let us know how we’re doing during the event and after with suggestions or feedback. You can contact us by email at, or by speaking directly to any of the staff.
Also, a huge thank you to all our volunteers: past, present, and future. You are part of what makes this weekend awesome.

One response to “Introducing our new Volunteer Coordinator!”

  1. ben robbins says:

    Happy to be helping out! We’ve got some fantastic volunteers lined up to help everyone get in great games.

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