Tony Tony
Jun 21

Did you go to the Game Scheduling Forum and find a game you love, only to find out it’s full? There are a few things you can do about that.
Go Play NW has a lot of pickup gaming. New games will be scheduled all weekend long, and there’s a self-organizing session, the “donut”, before each round. But if you prefer scheduled games, here are a few suggestions to help you find the game you want to play.
1. If a game is full, post in the thread to see if there’s a waitlist or if someone wants to start a second table. When you have a group of people who all love the same game, there’s a good chance more than one of them know how to facilitate it. If you ask, you may find out there’s enough interest to get a second table going.
2. Post about it in the brainstorming forum or on the Go Play NW Discord. It doesn’t hurt to ask around. It could be that there are several other people who feel the same way and want to play the same game you want.
3. Offer it yourself. Not everyone feels comfortable running a game or putting it on the schedule. Nut if you’ve never run a game before, maybe this is the year to give it a try!
Not getting to play the game you want is always a disappointment, but remember, there are always more games. Come with an open mind, and you will never lack for games to play.
See you in July!

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