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Jun 24

We’re not having a catered feast this year, but that doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity to hang out and meet some new people.
We have reserved a bunch of tables at Rhein Haus for dinner of July 5th from 6-8 pm. This is around the corner from campus at 912 12th Ave. Rhein Haus is an all-ages establishment with a variety of food and drink options. Rhein Haus has big communal tables, so this is a great opportunity to socialize.
Update: Rhein Haus was able to move us to a space on the main floor where there will be more seating, including tables with high-backed chairs for those who find bench seating difficult to use.

4 responses to “July 5th Friday Night Dinner”

  1. andi says:

    Can you expand on “not particularly accessible to people with mobility challenges”? This statement doesn’t describe the environment in any actionable fashion and thereby does not permit individuals to determine if they will be able to navigate the space. Requiring people to reach out to you for this information places the onus of the work on the individuals who you are trying to accommodate, and is broadly counter to that accommodation effort.
    Concrete things you could include: Are there stairs? How many? Is there a landing? Are there handrails? What’s the tread surface of the stairs? Is there an elevator? What height are the tables and chairs? Standard height? Bar-stool height? Do the chairs have backs? Maybe it’s benches at the communal tables? What about the main entrance? Are there steps to get in the front door? Is there a single step? A little ledge or lip? What’s the bathroom situation? Are the bathrooms gendered? Are they multi-stalled or single-use?

  2. Tony says:

    My apologies for the poor quality of information. I have been communicating back and forth with the venue trying to get better information and will have some shortly.

  3. Tony says:

    The space we currently have available to us is a second-floor space accessible only by a stairway. A lot of the seating is benches with a mix of regular-height and bar-height tables. I believe chairs are also available, but I have asked the venue to confirm this.

  4. Tony says:

    I just got some good news from Rhein Haus. They are able to move us to a space on the main floor which has high-backed chairs and regular height tables.

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