Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
May 10

Eyes on the future…
Go Play NW 2011 begins on Friday, July 8, 2011. A mere eight weeks away. Have you registered yet?
Oh, the eyes above? We’ll reveal the whole image soon enough…

2 responses to “Looking to the Near Future…”

  1. Mathalus says:

    How will advance sign up for games work this year?
    I’m new to Go Play NW, but I’ve been looking around the site and getting really excited. This is exactly what I want to do, all the dang time. I noticed that there was a lot of discussion about this for last year’s Con at Story Games (, but I am not smart enough to find a similar thread for this year, if there is one.

  2. tony dowler says:

    All wil be revealed soon!

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