Tony Tony
Jun 09

Our illustrious artist John Harper has given us a ROUGH DRAFT preview of the shirt, and just in time, because we are closing shirt sales TOMORROW!
Yes, you’ve got 24 hours to order one of these babies before the con. We have women’s cuts available on request.
NOTE: Order it through our event registration page! You can do that as a separate item without registering to attend. However, WE DO NOT SHIP SHIRTS, so you’ll have to make sure you’ve arranged for someone to pick it up for you (and let us know) if you won’t be attending.

4 responses to “One day to get this sweet shirt!”

  1. Karen says:

    How does one order the new shirt design? Through spreadshirt?

  2. tonyd says:

    yes, but we don’t have a way to ship them to you outside of the venue currently. We’d like to set up a Spreadshirt site for these, but we don’t currently have one.

  3. tomer says:

    Damm it. Is there any way too still get the shirt? Didn’t see this until today. Don’t suppose you can email such things in the future?

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