Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jun 20

Hey, just a reminder that online registration for this year closes Monday night at 11pm! We do take walk-ins as well, but because we’re split this year between Casey Hall as our gaming area and Campion Tower as our overnight accommodations, and because of the layout of Casey Hall, it’ll be much easier for you and us if you can register in advance.
Also, the game scheduling forum is still open, but we will also close game scheduling on Monday night. GMs, once your game is full or scheduling is closed, you should go into your post and give us a definitive list of attendees so we can make signs for the con—we’ll need that list by Wednesday afternoon. In the meantime, don’t be scared, schedule some more games! But also don’t worry if you’re not into the whole pre-scheduling thing, we have the usual ad hoc scheduling and the donuts for helping you organize pickup gaming on the spot.
Man, it’s so close! Go Play NW 2014 starts in seven days!

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