Tony Tony
Jul 06

That’s all she wrote! We will have a few tickets available at the door for walk-ins.
Also, if you’re running something, make sure your forum post has a list of your players in it! That makes life a lot easier for the organizers.

4 responses to “Online Registration is Closed!”

  1. Chris Tulach says:

    Hi guys,
    I registered back on June 29th for a Saturday badge. I got a confirmation that my payment was processed by PayPal, and a second email from with the title “Printable Tickets – Go Play NW 2011” on the same day. However, there wasn’t a link or anything, except to take me back to the main page.
    I noticed I’m still not confirmed on the forums as a registered participant for this year. Am I registered? Will I need to bring anything when I arrive on Saturday?

  2. Philip says:

    Hey Chris,
    Yes, you are registered and we have you down on the list. We just didn’t get around to updating the forum list. And there are no printable tickets, ignore that. Just show up and have fun!

  3. ben robbins says:

    Chris, matching forum names to real names is a manual process, but like Phil said, if you got a receipt you are good.
    Tell me your forum name and I’ll make sure it’s marked.

  4. ben robbins says:

    Actually I think I just saw a post by you. Your forum name is “bfz” right? It’s marked as registered now.

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