Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
May 05

Well, it sure has been a year. Here at Go Play NW headquarters, we’ve been hunkered down, doing our best to follow good health and safety guidelines with proper diligence, and we’ve had the good fortune to avoid catching COVID-19. We hope all of you have stayed safe and healthy, too.
Back in February, we were happy to see the hope of effective vaccines start to be fulfilled. But we looked at how much still had to be done and saw that there was still no guarantee that we could safely hold an in-person event in July, so we decided once again that we would not schedule one for this year. Even now at the start of May, with far more progress than expected happening on vaccinations and all of our staff likely to be fully vaccinated by the beginning of June, here in Seattle and King County we’re seeing the likelihood of greater restrictions being rolled back into place as infection rates rose in recent weeks. So caution is justified, and while we miss you all terribly, we’ll stay hopeful that we will reach a sufficiently safe level to hold an in-person event next year.
Meanwhile, we also decided to pick up the work we’d done last year on organizing an online event. Although we know some amount of online fatigue has set in for many people, we still think it’d be good to have some opportunity to reconnect this year rather than keep everything on hold yet another year. We’re not quite ready to announce specifics, but we can tell you that we’re looking at doing a few separate one-day events—a “lobby con” day just to hang out and say hello to friends, a donut day for impromptu pick-up gaming, and a prescheduled day for planning some games in advance. We’re aiming for August and hope to have specific dates to announce soon. We hope you’ll join us!
As always, follow us on Twitter @GoPlayNW and come join us on our Discord server. See you soon!

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