Feb 22

That’s right, registration is now open for Go Play NW 2011. And we’re thrilled to be able to keep our ticket prices the same for the third year in a row! On our Eventbee page you can register for the whole weekend or just one day, sign up for the Friday Night Feast too, and order a t-shirt*.
Early registration helps us pay our site deposit and plan better. It also makes us happy to know you’re coming. And it ensures you’ll be able to attend—we sold out in advance last year, we’ve got room for a few more people this year but don’t count on a last-minute registration.
So, you’re here reading this post: you might as well register now. Right? Right.
*We haven’t got the Sasquatch to pose for a design yet; we think he’s nervous about how to top last year’s. As soon as we can get him to sit down for a moment and pose, we’ll get a t-shirt design worked up to show you all.

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