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Mar 13

Go Play NW 2012 registration is now open! With a return to our original location at Seattle University, this is shaping up to be an amazing Go Play NW. We’ve got a few interesting changes this year.
First and most importantly, this year’s location once again includes on-site overnight accommodations in the Seattle University dorms. We’ve got a great price for this, so it’s a really good deal for both out-of-towners and locals as well. Check out the ticketing page, linked below, for details.
Second, as part of our deal with the University, lunch in Seattle University’s Cherry Street Market cafe is included in the price of admission for all attendees. And if you’re renting a room on campus for the con, you’ll also get breakfast at the cafe. We’ll have more details on the meals as we get closer to the date.
Finally, we’ll also be having an outdoor BBQ for the Friday Night Feast this year! To make ticketing and management simpler, Friday night gaming and the BBQ are included in one price.
Visit our registration page to purchase tickets.
Feel free to contact us with questions or comments at info at We look forward to seeing you from June 29th to July 1st at Seattle University!

2 responses to “Registration for 2012 is now open!”

  1. Ben Wray says:

    So if we get a room as part of the registration process, how long do we have for it? In case some of us out-of-towners want to come early or whatnot?
    (Specifically: Fabricated Realities is two weeks before GPNW, and while I can potentially take that time off of work, I couldn’t really justify two weeks in a nice hotel, and I wouldn’t want to spend two weeks in a sketchy one, so the degree to which we can stay in these rooms early may inform my one-con-or-two choice.)

  2. Tony says:

    Hi Ben! Unfortunately, we only have the rooms for the Go Play weekend. I know there are lots of people around Seattle and Olympia who have space in their houses for guests, though. I’d suggest going to the forums and asking around.

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