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Mar 18

Last year, we asked you to respond to a short survey regarding your Go Play NW 2018 experience. 72 of you responded, and you gave us some great feedback to think about as we start planning for Go Play NW 2019. Thank you for feedback! It has been incredibly helpful to us.
Here’s what we learned:
1. Satisfaction with Go Play NW is high
The first thing we learned is that Go Play NW has a huge amount of good will with the community. On average, you rated Go Play NW 9.8 out of 10. That’s huge! And we’re humbled that people are so happy with Go Play NW.

2. But newcomers have higher expectations
However, we also noticed that first-time attendees were less likely to recommend Go Play NW than any other category, at 8.75 out of 10. We take this as a serious call to action. We are working hard to figure out how we need to change so that we can grow without losing what makes Go Play NW unique.
3. And we have a lot of areas we can improve on
Even though you rated Go Play NW highly, we also got a lot of feedback on what you thought could be better. A large number of people who responded gave us clear, actionable feedback relating to one or more areas we can improve on.
We identified 6 main areas we can improve, based on your feedback:

  • Challenges finding and getting into games through sign-ups or the donut
  • Poor communications from the con or difficulty finding information
  • A need for more quiet gaming spaces
  • The price of the convention
  • The feast and refreshments
  • The desire for a more diverse convention and leadership

As you can imagine, a lot of our discussion and plans for 2019 revolve around these topics. We think that we can improve on every one of these for 2019. But total improvement is going to take a little time. So, we’ve identified a few topics we’re going to concentrate on this year. Expect another post soon on this topic!

One response to “Results of the GPNW 2018 Feedback Survey”

  1. Karen says:

    Thanks for sharing this information! I am glad to hear that you are listening to all feedback and always striving to improve the con.

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