Feb 09

Your eyes are not deceiving you. We have a shiny new website! In fact it’s so shiny and new that we can’t stare directly at it without our eyes burning.
Under the watchful eye of our totem sasquatch, we’ll be updating the site with news and maybe even some behind-the-scenes action so you can follow along as Go Play NW 2010 comes together.
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3 responses to “Shiny New Website & Blog”

  1. Bob says:

    Hi, I am interested in participating at Go Play NW. Is the venue open to a new board game? We just finished manufacture last year and have be demonstrators and open play at SpoCon, GameconSpokane, and Radcon. If you’re game, I’m game and would like to participate Friday night and Saturday. More of just informal play if people are interested, I’ve got two Micagames to demo, Battle Royale and Antagonist. If its’ mainly a RPG venue, no problem, but if you think players would enjoy a board game break between adventures (because you just can’t rest at a game weekend!), I’d like to participate and would like to reserver a table.

  2. ben robbins says:

    As you guessed, the focus is definitely roleplaying (specifically indie and story games) not board games. We don’t have commercial demos or anything like that. We intentionally want to keep the event “a gathering of gamer friends who may not know each other” rather than a marketing / promotional event.

  3. Bob says:

    ok, thanks. I was going to travel over and pick up a friend, but we’re mostly board gamers, do a little D&D (1st edition), but really would be looking at if people are interested in board games.
    Thanks for the response and have fun! Looks like a great venue.