Tony Tony
Apr 19

One of the things we’ve been hearing from our community is that the cost of attending Go Play NW is significant expense for many people. While there are a lot of things we can do to keep the cost low, we’re also limited by the expenses we have to meet to hold the convention. That’s why we have introduced a sponsorship option alongside our ticket sales for this year.
Now, when you purchase your tickets to Go Play NW, you can also choose to sponsor someone for one or three days at Go Play NW. We will use all of these funds to provide Go Play NW passes to members of the community who might otherwise find it difficult or impossible to attend. Several people have already donated memberships!
Our goal with this program is to make our community more accessible and diverse. If you know someone who you think would make a great addition to our community, or who you know faces financial barriers to attending, please email us at Let us know who the person is, how we can reach them, and why you would like them to receive a sponsorship. We cannot guarantee that everyone will get a sponsorship, but we will do our best.
We believe that a larger, more inclusive community, wither fewer barriers to participation makes Go Play NW better for everyone!
You can register for Go Play NW and sponsor another attendee by going to the registration page.
EDIT: Just wanted to add that we will hand out all sponsorships for this year’s Go Play by June 7. Any sponsorships we get after that day will be saved and used to sponsor someone next year.

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