Tony Tony
Jun 29

We’re excited to have live streaming of tabletop games from Go Play NW this year, for the second year in a row.
Why streaming? Streaming games helps is a way to share the games that we love with a wider audience, and to let people participate in this in new ways. Streaming expands awareness of the hobby and builds communities beyond the physical limits of our space.
How is Go Play NW supporting streaming? We’ll have a streaming room and some equipment set aside for scheduled streaming of games.
How can I participate if I’m not a streamer? The best way to participate is to join in on Twitch, check out the game, and maybe even chat for a bit. Follow Go Play NW on Twitch at to see who’s streaming or use the Twitch mobile app. We will be streaming games at various times throughout the con.
Can I stream a game? We have limited resources to support streaming from the streaming room. The room is not available without prior scheduling. If you want to use the streaming room, please fill out this online form or email
You don’t have to check with us if you want to stream on your own from another location. Please respect other attendees wishes and always ask before broadcasting anyone.

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