Philip LaRose Philip LaRose
Jan 23

Things have been very quiet around here since last June and the conclusion of Go Play NW 2010. But I’m dropping by to let you know that it’s a common misconception that sasquatches hibernate for the winter. In fact, behind the scenes, we’ve been busily working on arrangements for Go Play NW 2011.
The Sasquatch has been tromping around town, glancing up at the sky and irritably wondering if it was going to snow again, and looking at venues old and new for this year’s Go Play NW. We asked him how it’s going, and he grunted, “Hrrr grungl grak HARRK HARRK hrmflflg!” at us. We’re not sure, but we think that means things are moving along. So check back soon, we should start having announcements about when you’d expect in February. In the meantime, I think I’d better go make some hot chocolate for the Sasquatch. He could use it.

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