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Mar 23

As of last Friday, Go Play NW 2010 was just thirteen weeks away. Which seems like a long time, but blink and you’ll be rolling dice, assuming you remembered to register…
Thirteen weeks also happens to be a quarter of a year, making this the last quarter of the year-long odyssey to bring hawt gaming to the table, yet again.
Were we napping during those other quarters? In a word, no. Okay there was some compulsory recovery-napping right after GPNW 2009 (you too, I’m guessing), but those pictures of the new venue were taken last July, remember? Team Go Play does not sleep.
Tony, Phil or Ping could walk you through the “four seasons of Go Play NW.” Your eyes would bug out. Spoiler: there is some rest and relaxation during season two, but also contracts to sign.

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