Tony Tony
May 23

By now you might be wondering what Go Play NW is about, especially if you’re new this year, or if you’ve heard about this event, but haven’t decided if you’ll attend.
Our goal at Go Play NW is to focus on meeting friends and playing game. To help make that happen, we have a mixture of scheduled games and pick-up gaming in every slot. Since our focus is on gaming, we don’t have any panels or vendor rooms, though if you want to organize a formal meetup or panel, you’re welcome to do so.
Scheduled gaming occurs through our forums. We’ll open up scheduling in a week, but for now, head over to the forum and start brainstorming games. Come tell us what you want to play, and there’s a good chance you’ll find someone willing to run it.
Pickup gaming occurs in every slot with an informal organizing session at the beginning of the slot. This is a time to offer games, find out what people are facilitating, and get involved.
Go Play NW runs on attendee participation. If you come ready to have fun and possibly offer to run a game or two yourself, it makes the event better for everyone.
See you in July!

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