Tony Tony
Jun 26

Hi All, a reminder that we have some changes in our venue this year, and some more details on the location.
Unfortunately, the Campion ballroom is not available for gaming on Saturday and Sunday this year. Instead, gaming will take place in Casey Hall, a separate building a short distance across campus from the Campion Hall dormitories. There will be copious signage and maps posted in various locations to help you navigate.
We have a variety of rooms available to us in Casey, including one large room with multiple tables, an indoor atrium with lots of room and casual seating, a few smaller rooms with 2-4 tables each, and outdoor balcony with seating, and private conference rooms that are good for large groups or groups that want quiet and privacy.
Badge pickup will still be in Campion Hall, as that’s where the Seattle U staff are located to check people in and handle parking, etc.
We think this is going to be a great set up for Go Play, but it is different for last year, and not nearly as central. Let’s all make sure we help our neighbors navigate and make this a great Go Play. We’ve got a few volunteers helping us out this year, so don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help at the venue!
And as always, you are free to use the casual spaces in the Campion lobby for gaming as long as the other guests aren’t disturbed, however scheduling and the Donut will be in Casey Hall.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    Is there a way to call the staff at Campion hall without walking all the way back over there?

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