Go Play NW is online this year, and we need your support to help make it happen! We’ve got 2 days planned for folks to meet new people and play new games in 12 Go Play Donuts (pitch circles.)

Doing an event online means we’ll have some unique volunteer needs this year:


You’ll be the first folks Go Play NW 2021’s attendees meet (digitally) in our Discord Server’s Lobby while they wait to get checked in. We’ll need your help:

  • Welcoming attendees
  • Answering general questions about the event
  • Supporting our attendees



You’ll have the exciting job of helping folks check into the event! You hold the keys to adventure! We’ll need your help:

  • Guiding attendees through the registration process
  • Granting attendees appropriate permissions as they arrive.
  • Answering general questions about the event.


Donut Moderators

You’ll be our master of ceremonies for kicking off our Go Play Donuts (pitch circles,) leading our attendees through the Donut process and getting folks to speak up and facilitate games! We’ll need your help:

  • Leading the Donut Pitch Circle
  • Identifying Game Facilitators to host Games
  • Keeping Folks Engaged and Entertained
  • Helping with Registration During Peak Times


Donut Technical Support

You get to be the folks behind the curtain, making sure that our Donut runs smoothly! We’ll need your help:

  • Creating Game Sign-Up Lists
  • Managing Roles and Permissions for Game Rooms
  • Providing Technical Support and Guidance to our Attendees
  • Helping with Registration During Peak Times


Chat Moderator

You’ll help keep our event safe and serve as our first line of defense for making sure attendees are abiding by our Code of Conduct. We’ll need your help:

  • Reminding attendees of our Code of Conduct and Policies
  • Escalating issues to the Go Play Safety Team or Staff when needed.
  • Helping with Registration During Peak Times


Please note that due to the nature of an online event, all volunteer roles this year will require training prior to the event. If you’re interested in volunteering please contact us at info@goplaynw.org.

The wording on this site is inspired by Big Bad Con, our sister convention. Hop over to their site for some very cool panels this year