Tony Tony
Jun 28

We’re in the home stretch now for Go Play NW 2011. We’ve had  a real rush of people signing up the last two weeks. So many that we’ve added another room to the convention! A lot of the people signing up are new to Go Play NW. Welcome!
By now a lot of people, new and old, are starting to wonder “what do I do next”?
First, I strongly advise you to sign up for the forums. That’s where a lot of the talking and planning happens leading up to Go Play.
Second, visit the game scheduling forum and see what interests you.
But don’t think that the scheduled games are the whole thing. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Expect to see lots of pickup gaming as well. Visit the Brainstorming Forum and see what some people are talking about playing to get an early taste.
Finally, come to the con ready to play and have fun! See you there!

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